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Generally, contraception lasts only as long as you are using it. Most contraceptive options are quickly reversible, with fertility returning as soon as the woman stops using the contraceptive.

The exceptions to this are the permanent methods - vasectomy and tubal ligation (female sterilisation), and the injection. It can take on average 5-6 months for the fertility to return after stopping the injection.

Don't delay if you want contraception and you’ve recently had a baby or just had an abortion. If you have unprotected sex you are at risk of another pregnancy very soon after these events.

Talk to your doctor, midwife, nurse or pharmacist about contraception. Or you can contact us for an informal and confidential chat.

Contraceptive chart

Here is a comparison of each method looking at how effective it is and how long the contraceptive protection lasts.

Contraceptive chart

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