Vasectomy is simple surgical procedure and a permanent method of contraception for men.

The tubes usually deliver sperm into and from a man’s penis when he ejaculates. Closing these tubes means there is no sperm to fertilise the woman’s egg during sex.

Vasectomy is a simple surgical procedure that can be done in several ways. Typically small cuts are made either side of the scrotum, the tubes identified and then cut or sealed.

How good is a vasectomy at preventing a pregnancy?

  • Vasectomy is very effective way to prevent a pregnancy.

  • If 100 men had the vasectomy operation and carried on with their normal sex life then only 1 man from that group would make his partner pregnant in the future.

What are other good things about vasectomy?

  • A man can have a vasectomy at any time.

  • It is permanent, so you do not need to remember to use contraception to prevent a pregnancy. However use of a male or female condom is still recommended to protect against sexually transmitted infections.

  • It doesn’t interrupt sex or affect your sex life.

What else should you know?

  • Vasectomy requires a surgical operation. Like any operation it has risks, although it is very rare for something to go wrong.

  • As vasectomy is permanent you should only choose it if you do not want children or have completed your family. You cannot change your mind once the operation is done.

  • Vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Day to day life after a vasectomy

  • After a vasectomy a man can still have an erection and experience an orgasm.

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