For medical abortion

Medical abortion is the use of one or more medications to end an unwanted pregnancy. Mariprist is recommended by the World Health Organisation for early medical abortion.

How does it work?

Medical abortion is most effective when used early in the pregnancy and the process often resembles a miscarriage. Mariprist works through a 2-step process:

  1. The mifepristone taken first, detaches the pregnancy from the uterus (womb) and makes the womb more receptive to misoprostol.
  2. The misoprostol taken later works by causing contractions of the womb & softens the cervix to allow the expulsion of the pregnancy.

When can it be used

It can be used as early as when you miss your period (4 weeks) and up to 9 weeks from the last menstrual period.

How to take Mariprist for medical abortion

Read through the step-by-step instructions for taking Mariprist.

How to take Mariprist