Professionals' experiences

Medical abortion is trusted by thousands of health professionals worldwide. Here are some of their stories.

Midwife, working in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Midwife, working in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam"I work in an area where there are a very high number of industrial zones and factories. Most of my clients are migrant workers from nearby factories. They live far away from home, work in high pressure condition and have low incomes.

"Therefore, they have limited access to knowledge about contraception and quality services. Most of our clients choose medical abortion after being informed of possible options.

"We’ve adopted medical abortion using Mediprist and Misoclear for several years, with the success rate over 98%. Medical abortion is safe, simple, convenient. That’s why most of our clients choose medical abortion."

40 year-old pharmacist, Pursat province, Cambodia

"Most of our clients are women working in the fields and they will travel up to one and a half hours to get to us. Many of them are very poor and need to be strong to work in the fields, many of them have more than four children.

"They come to us when they are desperate. They know they can’t have another child, but don’t know what to do. They know women who have died from unsafe abortion and they are very scared.

"We need to know the products are safe, and we need to be able to easily explain the drugs to our clients.

"Most of my clients who used it were successful. It’s very easy to use and there is an instruction sheet inside the box for the clients to follow.”

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