Mariprist promise of quality

  • Mariprist is is an oral medication for early abortion of pregnancy up to 9 weeks.
  • It is safe and proven to be up to 98% effective, when used according to instructions.
  • Mariprist contains 1 tablet of mifepristone and 4 tablets of misoprostol which are recommended by WHO and used every day by thousands of doctors worldwide.
  • All Mariprist tablets are manufactured to high standards, with packaging designed to ensure the quality is maintained in all storage conditions.
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Mariprist packaging

Mariprist is trusted by women worldwide.  Here are some of their stories.

Woman testimonial

“We already have four children and my husband told me that we did not have enough money to support any more. When I found out I was pregnant again I went to our local hospital to see if they could help. I thought surgery sounded scary so I chose to take the tablets."

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